Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

i heart 3.1 Phillip Lim

so recently i have found mad love for Phillip Lim's ready to wear collection 3.1
his recent rtw line @ NY fashion week was an incredible showing of neutral colors. black on black textures and brilliant embellishment:

And despite the struggling economy and [my] empty pocketbooks - people aren't hesitating to invest in his killer collection. "People still like the prices," reported Lim a few days ago in his studio. (And good luck getting on the wait list for his incredible Spring zipper dress...bc it's not gonna happen) Under the runway set of an illuminated arch, hipster singer Lissy Trullie and her band played live throughout. This season Lim embraced the youthquake of sixties London, taking serious influence from Jimi Hendrix and Sergeant Pepper. He also added amazing touches of glam marabou and goat-hair coats/vests (a personal obsession of mine) while making nice with a slew of softly bohemian dresses "It's about fun," said Lim. And fun is what you see. He even makes some casual touches with distressed cotton t's and dresses embellished with sequin skirts.

I love, love, LOVE this line. wish I could invest. Unfortunately I will just keep hoping for a misdelivery at Archetype to play with Lim's collection. Last week, a garment bag got misdelievered to us with 4 of his dresses, including the one seen below. I couldn't pull it of but she surely does. and her shoes are flippin hawt. :) anyway - that's my fashion sense for the moment.

peace and love from the city that never sleeps.
<3 sb in nyc

Friday, March 13, 2009

everything is terrible does it again.

my brother's blog collaboration effort, Everything Is Terrible recently posted this:

so flipping great.
well done EIT.
lovies, dovies

Thursday, March 5, 2009


video is 5 minutes containing 6000 paintings. sickie sick sick.

Khoda from Reza Dolatabadi on Vimeo.

made by Reza Dolatabadi as his graduate film in college. It took over two years to complete and is comprised of 6,000 individual paintings shown at a rate of 20 per second.

Monday, March 2, 2009


'Ello Mates. I am finally here and updating this blog. I decided my part of the blog might be more interesting if I show you what I think is cool on the 'net and in my life. I take a lot of videos and pics and I spend a lot of time on the internet so this should be fun! Now let's begin...

Exhibit A.
I take a lot of videos. Seriously, whenever I bring my camera anywhere, I have atleast 10 legit vids. My friends have begun to hate me for this habit but I feel as though one day, they'll love me for it.
I just don't know which day that will be.

Oh well, here's a vid of some good ol' fashion fratty sing a longs!

Number 2.
I thought this little comic was really funny. Maybe it's not, I don't really know.
hmm.... maybe Shana will atleast think it's funny?

I think Jake Hurwitz from the College Humor show is not only incredibly hott but extremely funny.

Fourth of All.
I was Stumbling today (if you don't know what Stumble is then you probably have a life.) and I came across the 12 most amazing pools in the world. These are the sickest pools I have ever seen. They're located all the way from Iceland to Dubai to Las Vegas and they're all so sweet. Here's the website I found them at: 12 Sick Ass Pools
This one is the one in New York, I put it up here for relevance to the blog (because Shana is in New York and stuff). You can swim with the skyscrapers!

cinco de blogo.
here are just some really cool pictures i have found.
made out of crayons!!

big snail. small snail.

new meaning to the phrase 'crowd surf'

alright... thats enough.