Monday, May 4, 2009


Post Derby Depression. It hits only few of us, but when it hits, it hits hard. What I'm sayin' is, I went to the Kentucky Derby this weekend and had an absolute BLAST and after all that fun I'm here in Kappa, trying to figure out a way to study/pack. Suckies to the Maxies.

More on the Derbs:

So going into this derby, i thought to myself, 'Self, this is a Derby where a lot of snooties go to wear big hats and few know about the actual horse race. How much fun can this possibly be?'. Well I proved myself wrong right off the bat. I went with my friend Rado and our two friends, Kyle and Miles. When we got to the HoJo (Howard Johnson Hotel ladies and gents, classy place eva), we had a feast of Taco Bell (obviously) and other amenities. On the way, we met this charming middle aged man at a stop light. We can thank Rado for starting this convo with him and the awkardly long awaited green light for ending it. Here's just a couple bleeps from the convo:

'girl, you so damn hott. i'm gonna take you home and BLEEP you until you're blue in the face. blue like the color of your eyes.'
'this is my cousin, Morning Milk Sugar' (I don't think he knew that horses were the ones that were supposed to have names like that)

yeah, nice man. uhhhhh... anyways... so we get to the derby after hailing a cab all NYC style (shout out Shana) where we pregamed by this statue of this Barbarro horse who i would come to later find out was all special because he won the derby in 06, then broke his leg and so his owners spent a lot of money on him to get it fixed (like thousands upon thousands) and then he ended up dying anyways. I don't really get it but the horse activists were telling me that horses get slaughtered if they break their legs and such so I guess Barbarro is a legend upon legends.
The actual race was cool. And by cool I mean we were in the infield and had about a foot of space to see, and there were two chainlink fences seperating us so we literally saw the horses run by and that was that... Still awesome we got to be there, especially in the infield, to see something people travel all over to see.
After the Derby, we all went to 4th street which was so fun. We went to this mexican restaraunt called Tengo de something and met these really nice people who were very accomadating and generous with their shotties. After watching the Bulls lose to Boston (GRRRR, HATE THE CELTICS) , we went and saw a live cover band called the Rumors which was They played all the best dancing/sing a long songs and Rado and I were of course rockin out front row.
Then, we met these Aussies who swept us of our feet. We danced all night in the street with them. They were so fun and took a month off to travel all around the states from NYC to LA to Chicago to the Derby to Miami.

Alright I gotta check out of the Blogosphere before Rado kills me for not packing up me stuffs. Check ya later after all this final/packing dies down!


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