Friday, May 1, 2009


i guess i'll be hollering at ya'll text-style dis week bc i haven't been doin' much o' dat lately.

first off, ran into a friend at the bars this week and he said that this blog is much more insightful than he thought it was going to be... so shout out to Chris Stewart if he sees this!!

second off... i have been a twit-oholic lately. I love it. It's like facebook but better because you don't have all the personal boo-sheet in your way and it's just the comedic stuff. You 'follow' people and your home page has all the people your following's updates. It's pretty simple to use and awesome if you love daily updates on things. People I like to follow are:

-Kevin Nealon from Weeds, I feel like his character on Weeds is him in real life.

-Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Rob, & Kris Kardashian, they're such a close family and they get mad when they tweet and one of them is doing something without the other

-Michael Ian Black from all the VH1 "i love the *decade*" shows, his humor is so wierd that only few people will get him but i love him and the fact that one of his tweets said "contemplating getting a diamond encrusted mask for the swine flu"... haha genius..

-Russel Brand, basically because when I read his twits in my mind, I'm reading them in his voice... which makes them 10 times betta

-Nicole Ritchie & Joel Madden, they tweet to eachother and they're both smokin' hott so I just love updates on their lives

so yeah, that's my rant on twitter...

other new things going on in the world... WARNING: probably not politically correct, oh well, when am i ever?
I am looking for someone to give me swine flu so i don't have to take finals. i hate finals and feel like i can use this pandemic for my own good. so basically if you've got it, gimmeeeeee.
sorry if that offended the 3.5 people that read this blog.

on another note, i've had taco bell 3 times this week.

and another, the new season of Weeds comes out JUNE 8th at 10 PM!!! too legit to quit!!!

here are some things that have been going on in my life lately:

Grand Prix was this last week, it was hella fun

I got to go to Wrigleyfield for the first time, it was pretty cool! I liked that the stadium was in the city and that the stadium was old fashioned but Angels Stadium still trumps... waterfalls in outfield AND fireworks shows from Disneyland in the summer = amazing.
Sange came to visit for Mom's Weekend! We had so much fun rockin' out to Love Shack and bongin' beers together... just typical mother/daughter bonding time.
i got to go home for Easter as a surprise to my fam! I also go to hang out with these scrizzies and reunite with the long lost B-Mill!
and Shana came to visit us before Easter Break! we had so much fun togeth, as always, and dominated the frat scene -> pictured above

alright cybernuts, i'm out and about on this friday night! off to the kentucky derby tomorrow!!

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  1. dominated the frat scene. something i'm always proud of.