Sunday, February 22, 2009

Having Fun Hurts.

Sitting here Sunday night reflecting on my weekend, I just realized I am freaking EXHAUSTED. Every inch of my body aches. My knees kill. My feet hurt to walk. My abs feel like I actually worked out. I have a red eye. And one of my fingers feels like it is about to fall off.

For the most part, these injuries were obtained through Purdue University Dance Marathon (an 18hr marathon benefiting Riley's children Hospital in Indianapolis) but surprisingly enough my friends actually endangered my health this weekend also.
Here's my story:

Saturday we played IU so I went and met up with my friends at a campus bar, Stack's. Well, one of my 'sassier' friends, Katelyn aka Rado was sitting next to me and we're goofing off. I try to pester her because she's a germaphobe and stupidly put my finger next to her mouth. Like a young puppy who doesn't know better, she bit it. It drew blood. I'm not even joking. All night my finger throbbed and it still hurts. Thanks Rado.

After this, we went to go get something to eat and Rado then proceeds to tell us that 'she's a peach' as in she's so sweet to anyone. The funny thing about this is that on the way to get something to eat, I go to change the song playing in the car and she fights me off by clawing my eye.

It looks worse today, trust me.

After that, I went to Purdue University Dance Marathon. Because I had been up all day I didn't make it to the 18 hour mark like I did last year which disapoints me. I had so much fun at the marathon, despite the fact that I was scaring everyone with my creepy devil eye.
The only drawback to this marathon is that you feel like utter shit for the next week. I literally woke up feeling sore all over my body with a strange pain in my right eye. Great.

Sleep is crucial to healing so I'm going to hit the hay and hopefully cure my poor body.

See ya cyber heads,
Jade B.

Totally myspace.

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