Monday, February 9, 2009

Mo' Cheese, Mo' Problems

Kappa Kappa Gamma's meal schedule this week:
Monday: Lunch- BLT's, fries, & soup/Dinner- Hamsters, Caesar salad, green beans
Tuesday: L- Taco Bar/D- Hamsters (AGAIN) & white rice
Wednesday: L-Grilled Cheese, fries, and tomato soup/D- Pot roast, carrots, & potatoes
Thursday: L-Baked Ziti/D- Chicken Parmesean
Friday: L- FRIED FRIDAY/D- Coney dogs & tots

Drawbacks to living in a sorority, I guess... not vegan friendly that's for sure!
Plus for Vegans (especially Vegan Jades): I GET TO EAT TACO BELL!!

This big guy right here (minus the cheese and sour cream) is totally Vegan friendly. Thank goodness... I don't do well with out T.Bell. Call me gross, tell me the foods a grade above dog food, I don't care. I am in love with Taco Bell.
On the same website I found the T.B. news, it also had a listing of what I can have from various restaurants so when I eat out, I can still be Vegan friendly. It's call Vegan Eating Out and has proved to be really helpful with my merging of 'life styles', if you will.

On a different note, I'm thinking about volunteering for this organization called LUM. It's through the Purdue Panhellenic system and you go to different elementary schools across the Lafayette area and just hang out with kids and help them with homework. I remember when High School kids came to my elementary school when I was younger and I always thought they were so cool and huge (they looked like giants). I feel like being in college and in the greek system I lose sight of things a lot and need to step out of my bubble and see the world from a different point of view. What better way to start than with an elementary school kid's perspective? They probably have the simplest yet most creative way of looking at the world because for what they don't know, they just fill in the blanks with clues around them. I could really use some simpleness in my life, this could be a beneficial venture for me.

Just the random babble in my mind today. Off to study for my Western Renaisance art class!

Ta-ta from West La La,
Jade B.


  1. so why are you going 100 percent vegan? is this a challenge? are you fighting the animal cruelty war? what da deeeeaaaallll

  2. im coming over on fried friday btw.

  3. Bc Shade, I'm needing to lose weight for SB '09 and i need to prove to the world and myself that I can do it! I wish that you could have been here during formal dinner... i couldnt eat like ANYTHING!!

  4. hahahahah i'm glad I wasn't there for formal dinner. I'm glad I ate indian food (vegan meal) and a few chips and salsa. yummmmm

  5. Jade and Shana,
    Seems like I haven't seen both of you in forever. I stumbled onto this because of Jade's blatant status on facebook coming across my newsfeed. I got a very good laugh out of the posts so good work. Hopefully talk to you sometime.