Sunday, February 8, 2009

more than meets the eye.

Shana and I in a nutshell

As Shana has informed me, you write about yourself in your first blog. I have never really sat down and wrote about myself before so bare with me as I do my best.

A little background: I was born and raised in a bad ass little Southern California town called Glendora. My childhood consisted of In-n-out, Jr. All American Cheerleading, razor scootering around town, museums, writing (yes, I dabbled as a youngster), art, and DISNEYLAND. I then moved to Keller, Tx the middle of my freshman and sophomore year of high school. It didn't really seem that way then but now, it was probably one of the defining points of my life. Let's just say, Keller High for me consisted of: a whole new breed of girl friends, jealous older girls pulling Mean Girls style pranks, driving a 1978 Ford Pinto for the first 6 months of driving, crazy narrow minded conservatives, familiarization of the word 'frenemy' (friend plus enemy equals frenemy), and people that taught me a lot of important lessons that I have used today. I actually grew to love Keller, and occasionally, to my mother's surprise, get home sick from time to time.

HAHA... me as the Keller High School Mascot

Now: I am a junior at Purdue University and am currently CODO-ing into Selling and Sales Management in the Consumer and Family Sciences Department and I'm getting a minor in Art. and maybe Organizational Leadership Supervision... who knows. I have to stay an extra semester at Purdue which is bittersweet, but anything to delay the inevitable is A-Okay with me. I really would love to get into Advertising when I 'grow up' but work on the creative side of things. I haven't done all the cool professional stuff that Shana has done (yet), mainly because I'm stuck in this cow-town of West Lafayette, IN and aside from the Chipotle and Maru Sushi house, there's really not much goin down here.

'boilering up'... first days of Purdue

Right Now (na naaaa): I am really into finding new and interesting websites lately. Some of my current faves are (they just got a new MTV show and if it's anything like their website, it's gonna be awesome), (something to get my creative juices flowing and seeing how people dress around the world is so interesting to me), and (guilty pleasure... he's hilarious and disgusting. Total guy humor so feminists beware). I am also into Blogging i.e. this new blog. I am also trying out veganism. I have yet to really crack down on it considering I eat ranch and sea food (and cheese only on sundays) but starting monday which is today, i guess, I'm going full out vegan-licious. can't wait! not.

Best picture I've ever taken.

Welp this is already too long and it's already too late so I'm going to sign out.

keep it real, homez.
Jade B.

Hello 2009.


  1. full blown vegan, huh? we never discussed this jade. i'm worried about you. bye bye ranch

  2. spread the vegan love, jaderade. if you need any help, lemme know. for now, find this book:

    it will give you about 4 billion good reasons to keep fighting the good fight.