Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh it happened.

taken @ the Met in front of The Temple of Dender
When jade first suggested a blog, she wanted it to be a vlog (for those of you not up to speed, it's a video blog). I loved the idea, but unfortunately my iBookG4 was a pre-camera mac and this recession hasn't exactly left me moneybags-mcgee. But needless to say, I agreed that a blog could be fun and a good way for me to stay connected with friends and family since I've moved to the big apple.

I am currently a junior in a joint education program with Purdue University and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). I am receiving a bachelors in Apparel Design and Technology with a Fine Arts minor from Purdue and an associates in Fashion Merchandising Management from FIT. I really have no idea what I want to do EXACTLY with this combination of interests but I have a feeling it will leave me with a somewhat decent job in the fashion industry and I think that would make me ultimatly be employed. Currently I am interning for a company called Archetype Showroom and Gallery with a focus in PR and Event planning, but I am also getting exposure to showroom sales and marketing. My third week begins tomorrow and I have already learned a great deal and can tell it is going to be an exciting semester there. Previously I intered at Kenneth Cole Productions for the women's design team and had an invaluable experience learning from them.

2009 is bringing a new outlook to a lot of things in my life. I am having a great time growing up and experiencing as much as humanly possible. I started the year in a conversation with my dad that was one of the best talks we've ever had. We talked about life, love and things to be lived by and shared with others. It was the first time my dad ever opened up to me about his religion, Zorastrianism. Prior to that talk he had never opened up about it much, perhaps because I was brought up in Christian faith. He told me that his religion is based on three ideals; Good thoughts, Good deeds and Good words. I decided to live my life by this incredible foundation and see where it takes me. I hope to share with you all my experiences in the city, my love of fashion and art, my take on the world and anything else that catches my interest.

I hope the new year finds you all well and I look forward to posting (as regularly as I can find time) in the near future :).
Best from NYC. Shana B.


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